King Island Residency, March 2015

  • Currie Wharf, watercolour painting
  • Currie Harbour, watercolour painting
  • Red Boat : Currie Harbour, watercolour painting
  • Currie Wharf 1, photograph
  • Currie Wharf 2, photograph
  • Printmaking Workshop, King Island Cultural Centre
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In March 2015 I filled a role on King Island as “Artist in Residence”.
This role is well known in the art-world. An artist (in my case a visual artist) goes into a distant community to bring a new perspective and new skills to the local artistic community. I stayed and worked on K.I. for three weeks.

King Island is off the coast of Tasmania. The location was incredibly beautiful. My quarters were situated right next to a beach, close to a lighthouse and a wharf where the fishermen brought in their catch for the day.

Basically what I did was teach workshops and do some paintings with watercolours, sometimes joining with local artists on painting excursions. The workshop I had prepared was “Selling Creative Products on-line, on a Shoe String”, and I helped facilitate printmaking workshops. There is a great interest in printing on to fabric.

I arrived on King Island with quite a lot of stock of my textile products, which were of great interest, and they sold well.

At the end of the three weeks I held a small exhibition, which many of my new friends attended.

For me it was a spiritual experience, being immersed in that physical environment, surrounded by a warm and generous community which I still feel part of.


Gallery One

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Catalogue - Gallery One

"Bride, Wave & Warrior" acrylic painting on paper ( 51 cm x 33 cm ) $1000 - framed
"Flurry" acrylic painting on paper ( 55 cm x 37 cm ) $1000 - framed
"Percussion in Red" limited edition screenprint ( 66 cm x 51 cm ) $ 300 - unframed
"Scarlet Woman" limited edition screenprint ( 56 cm x 45 cm ) $ 200 - unframed
"Suburban Heatwave" limited edition screenprint ( 66 cm x 51 cm ) $ 300 - unframed
"Art is Vision" limited edition screen print ( 56 cm x 32 cm ) $ 200 - unframed
"Come Fly with Me" limited edition screenprint 2009 ( 50 cm x 34 cm ) $ 200 - unframed